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It was my second time watching the film"Rhapsody in August ". The first time was around 1992 when this picture was still on the screen. Almost no memory besides Richard Gere was good. But this time, after I've lost my grandma, the leading character of this film; the grand mother Kane reminded me of my grandma. Perhaps she speaks the same dialect with my grandma which is of Nagasaki. They both loved spending time with her grandchildren, and loved her husbands...Few years after when this picture was taken, my grandma lost her husband. Raised in Tokyo, married to a naval officer and moved to Nagasaki. After the war, left with three children to bear, the struggles she has been through were immeasurable.


A popular tourist spot located in the southern part of Okinawa island, renowned for its scenery. There are two bridges,the Nirai Bridge and the Kanai Bridge; together, they are called the Niraikanai Bridge."Niraikanai"is a word in the Okinawan dialect meaning a utopia existing across the ocean. We were recommended this spot by our favorite restaurant Mahae 's Sushi-cheff.

ナタリーコール 1977年の佳曲、「ラ・コスタ」。夏になるとよくオンエアしていたのを思い出します。夏の素敵な恋の歌をダンサブルなアレンジでカバーしてみました。
This is going to be our first cover song release. Enjoy your summer love with "La costa"2015 version!

BS JAPANでお送りしていた「欧州〜美の浪漫紀行」以来の紀行番組ナレーション、BS11 「英国アンティークに魅せられて〜知られざる美の世界〜」。スタッフの皆さんと楽しいスタジオワークご一緒させて頂きました。写真のハルシオンデイズは個人的に大変お世話になった恩人から頂いたもので番組にも登場します。ロンドン最大の骨董市場と言われるポートベロー、アンティークデパート・グレイズ、市場での値段交渉術など見所盛り沢山。是非ご覧になってみてください!
If you are interested in English Antiques Shopping, check out tonight from 8:00pm on BS11. This Halcyon Days is a gift from my benefactor about 10 years ago as a souvenir from London. I didn't know this little box is called Halcyon Days before I've narrated this program. When I came home from the studio, I just looked the back of the pill box. There was a mark of royal warrant and Halcyon Days letters were printed. I also love these words printed on the box, Albert Einstein quotes "Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow".

Isn't this little box lovely? I came across this Limoges Box last month at Ginza Wako. A porcelain master, Patrick Audevard gave me a sign on the box. He told me that any message is fine, so I wrote him a little note. And he wrote my dream message in French. Thank you Patrick, hope this dream will come true!

This is my grand auntie Yoshiko's daughter, Mari Asakawa's homemade appetizer using whole fig, proscuitto & mozarella. She is a concert pianist, a graduate of The Julliard School. Check out her website

This is my recent favorite sweet's shop Sentaro's jello "Kawachijukushi". Using Kawachi Orange as a vessel, and the juice itself blended with strip agar, beet sugar, Yoshino Kuzu to make a jello.If you want to make a sherbet, just freeze it for 12 hours. Healthy and tasty Japanese sweets for Early summer!

This flower arrangement is a gift in return from a newly wed friend,Tomomi Miyata. She used to set my hair about for 10 years. Whenever I see her, she always welcomes me with a cute smile, and working very hard everyday to become a good beautician. Now she got married and left a beauty parlor for a while. Hope to find her own beauty world in her new home. Good Luck & Happy Wedding, Tomomi!

This photo was taken at Ginza Wako this afternoon. To your left is Patrick Audevard, a porcelain master from Limoges. To your right is a French translator. Patrick's atelier"Porcelain L'Ateller du Tullpier", Open Monday to Friday 8:30am to mid-day and 12:30 pm to 4pm. Shop in Saint Yrieix la Perche, rue de Marche.

リスペクトしている友人の一人です。生放送の情報番組で毎週ご一緒していましたが、今年に入って入院された事を知り、陰ながら応援していました。三回目の治療を乗り越えた事を聞き、ホッとしたのも束の間!送られてきたのが、この you-tube 映像でした。ご覧下さい!
This is Kaori Maruyama who struggled with cancer and got over chemotherapy three times this year. She is a TV director and I've met her through the live TV show in 2012. She is always full of energy and has a positive attitude. Although she was diagnosed with cancer, she welcomes me with a big smile whenever I visited her in the hospital. This you-tube that she made is for all the cancer patients out there struggling with anxiety. Don't be afraid, just get over with BIG SMILE!!
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