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This is my favorite green apple tart specially made by "La main qui Pense ". The owner of the bakery are husband and wife, Takashi Tanoshiri and Shisou Tanoshiri. Takashi went to France and studied at "La Maison Kayser". They met in Italy and got married. Now they have a baby girl, Tsumugi. You can meet her in the bakery. Her mother, Shisou's often carrying her baby pick-a-back. Very heartwarming scene at such a  stylish bakery.

"La Main qui Pense"  
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays  044-934-3757


我が家が一番お世話になっている ビレッジ・アゲイン 代表・又村毅さん。毎年バースデー近くになるとご家族皆でお招きしていますが、今年は初めてまたちゃんお一人でいらして頂きました。最初にお会いしたのが、ビクター・デイビスをビレッジ ・アゲインが初めて日本に紹介した2000年代初頭。当時、駒沢公園近く迄音源をデイパックに詰めて持って来て下さった、またちゃんの笑顔を思い出します!バースデーケーキは、東京會舘/如水会館パティシエ・斎藤栄さんに特注で作って頂きました。美味しかったです!
This is Mr Takeshi Matamura, the president of the record label"Village again". We always respect his positive energy and love for Good Music. He is the first person who introduced Victor Davies, Koop, Frank McComb, Hird, Ole Bourd, Nina Vidal, Angela Johnson,L ittle Dragon, etc. to Japanese people.

My favorite season has come with this little Christmas tree!I always welcome my friends and my colleagues to my house. But this year,very few chances. Maybe two or at most three occasions. So this holiday season, I want to invite my close friends home with this tree. This goleden curtain is made in Germany. By Daniel Toranomon.

These vegetables are from my cousin, Hideo Tokuhiro who lives in Furano, Hokkaido. He owns a farm called "Noraya"which serves organic vegetables. He is farming without pesticides.

How're you spending your Halloween night? I am watching "X files " on Dlife and enjoying a hot herb tea. This violet tea cup & saucer and a cake plate are by "Noritake". One of my most favorite series of Noritake.

Have you ever been to Matsue?
It is the capital city of Shimane Prefecture, in Southwest Japan,known as "the city of water. "Standing by the Sea of Japan where Lake Shinji and Nakaumi meet. A famous writer Lafcadio Hearn, loved Matsue, and he became one of the first Westerners to take Japanese citizenship under the name of Koizumi Yakumo.Just next to his house was my great grand mother's birthplace. If you want to travel around Matsue and Izumo Shrine which is famous for God of marriage, check out BS-TBS tonight from 7:00, "Wondeful Japan, by Rail Travel"

Joe Sample, who became a jazz star in the 1960s as the pianist with Jazz Crusaders and an even bigger star a decade later when he began playing electric keyboards and the group simplified it's name to the Crusaders, died on Friday in Houston. He was 75.(Sited from mass brochure.)
"The apple does not fall from the tree"is the age-old phrase.
In the swamp-like, clay soil of Southeastern Texas,apple trees are few and far between. However pecan trees flourish.We had a big pecan tree in our front yard.It was a magnificent tree,created to bear delicious fruit and shield us from the intense heat of the mid-summer sun. I was proud of that tree, and it proclaimed to the neighborhood that,"The people who live in this house must be important." It was one of my best friends and it befriended all of the kids on the block. We loved its wonderful super pecans, and had to protect it from pecan raiders. It died of old age. (the rest is omitted.)
Healing was the daily business of the culture. The roots of spirituality bound everything. Those roots are anchored in the nourishing clay of the Southeast Texas Delta under the branches of the pecan tree.
I did not fall from that tree. A slice of pecan pie is still a very good thing.

Joe Sample "The Pecan Tree"

This notes dedicated to his 2002 album"The Pecan Tree" is also quoted from the mass brochure on his funeral.

Joe Sample is survived by his wife Yolanda and his sister Julia, and his son, Nicklas, three stepsons and six grand children.

Now I am writing this blog listening to your splendid album"The Pecan Tree."
Whenever we listen to you music, we can always be near you. You are now a big pecan tree growing in heaven.
Thank you Yolanda, Ko, Akiyo for sending me an elegant brochure.

This French restaurant is near Asahibashi station in Naha city. Every time I go to Okinawa, I stop by here, and enjoy dinner. The gentleman with white uniform is an owner chef Kouei Kobayashi, pretty sommelier ladies are, from your left, Saeko Nozaki, Natsuki Kuniyoshi.

9月12日に逝去されたジョー・サンプル。肺癌で闘病後、今は辛い痛みから解放されて安らかに天国で休まれているのでしょうか。今迄お会いしてきたアーティスト達の中でも、人間として1番敬愛するアーティストでした。周りの人を大切にする方で、人生を楽しむ方だったように思います。芸術を愛し、最高にグルメな方でした。一度お連れした中目黒の「Higashiyama-Tokyo」や、渋谷の鮨屋「秋月」をとても気に入って下さり、和食も心から堪能されていました。でも何と言っても、ジョーが1番愛した料理が、菊池晃一郎シェフが作り出すフレンチ。ご両親がニューオリンズ出身という事もあり、クレオール料理に造詣が深い方でした。L.A.で晃一郎シェフと出会い、後に広尾に「Le Sample」を出店。私もジョーに初めて連れて行って頂いた時は、そのお味に感動したのを思い出します。その時は、ご自分の大切な友人たちを6人程招き、ジョーが私達をもてなして下さいました。お料理とワインを楽しみながら、今は亡きマイルスやマービン・ゲイ等との思い出を話してくれました。素晴らしい音楽と優しい時間をありがとう。。
Do you remember when we first met? Maybe it was in a dressing room of "Motion blue Yokohama". Your piano playing was like a beautiful rainbow after the summer rain. You are also very warm to others around you. I often invited foreign artists to my favorite restaurants. But only you, invited us to your favorite restaurant "Le Sample". There you introduced us to Ko and Aki, your dearest Japanese friends who organize the restaurant. You taught me how to entertain people and how to give love to others. Thank you Joe, for everything. We love you, and think of you through your MUSIC.

下北沢で少し時間を潰していた時、何気なく入ってみた不思議なお店、「ダーウインルーム」。窓辺では珈琲を飲む人々の姿を見かけたので中に入ると、ロバくん(?)の剥製がどーんと!置いてあるではありませんか? ソロリソロリと剥製を避けて歩くと、今度は真っ黒なビーバー(?)の剥製が! その他にも美しい鉱石の標本や、イタリアの手帳や世界の花を集めた本など、美術館のスーベニアショップにでも迷い込んだかのよう。玄関先に飾ってあったこの蛙の絵が気になって、「売り物ではないですよね?」と伺ってみました。「好きになって下さった方にお売りしています。」とのこと。 イタリアでオーナーが購入した作品。芸術の神様とも言われるミスターグリーンフロッグ! 音楽のグッドラック、運んで来てくれるでしょうか?
This green frog's painting is from "Darwin Room"Shimokitazawa. "Darwin Room" is a cafe, a book shop, also a variety store including stuffed specimen, stationary and etc. Looks like an old library with good scent of coffee.

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