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オンエア後のナレーションスタジオで、スタッフの皆さんがケーキと共にお祝いしてくれました。向かって左横、そして左後ろはアルバイトの学生、三浦誉生(しげき)さんと杉本祥一さん。右後ろの眼鏡の方は、MAミクサーチーフの深沢一友さん。またスタジオまでお花を持っていらして下さった、濱潤プロデューサーと丸山薫ディレクター! ナレーションでご一緒している、俳優の石井正則さんからも素敵なプレゼントを頂きました。皆さま大変忙しい中、ありがとうございました!
This is the after on air shot with a birthday cake surprise! I look a little bit tired, but really surprised of the cake that was waiting for me. Next week would be a two hours special. Be sure to check us out on "Mr Sunday"!!


These are name cards given from a studio "Omnibus Japan". This Shaun character really cheered me up this year. So I placed them in the picture frame by a stair wall. Thank you Shaun for giving us happiness and a lot of Smiling!

If you are looking for Christmas goods from United States, check out "Ashley Yokohama". This small cushion and a poinsettia luncheon mat are from the shop.

何度も繰り返し観ています、セリーヌが歌う「愛の讃歌」。憎しみに愛を注ぎ込むフランスの人々の様子をニュース映像で観ながら、果たして自分達に同じ事が起こったら彼等のように振る舞う事が出来るだろうか? と思っていました。愛に生きたエディット・ピアフの名曲をフランスの心と共に歌い上げたセリーヌ。アメリカン・ミュージック・アウォードのステージを越えて、世界に届いた「唄」がありました。
I' ve been watching this video over and over. Celine Dion delivered a stunning performance at American Music Awards, paying tribute to the victims of the recent Paris terror attacks. She sang Edith Piaf's "Hymne a L'Amour"in French, her native language. I once saw her excellent performance here in Tokyo way back in 2008. But this performance was far more than brilliant, it was filled with strong "love". Celine was introduced by Jared Leto, who paid tribute to a friend who was killed in the Bataclan concert hall.

Kawanabe Kyosai(1831-1889) is a Japanese artist, perhaps the last virtuoso in traditional Japanese painting.
He received his artistic training in the Kano school. Kyosai is considered by many to be the greatest successor of Hokusai. I happened to know his work at Isetatsu, an old Japanese paper store in Yanaka. I already have his "Spring"and "Summer"
And this time, I visited Isetatsu to buy this "Autumn", and the shop lady told me the name of the artist, Kawanabe Kyosai. He also designed many chiyogami papers for Isetatsu. Brilliant work of art.

My favorite season of the year has arrived! The cards on the tree are my precious treasure from the past. A red card the candles are written is the one from my dad sent for my mom before I was born. Two small cards which santa clauses written are from my dear friend living in New York, Claire Bright. She is playing violin on this YouTube.

Pierre Lemaitre is a French author and a screenwriter born in 1951. His first novel translated into English, Alex, won the CWA International Dagger for the best crime novel of 2013. In November 2013, he was awarded the Prix Goncourt, France's top literary prize, for Au-revoir la haut, an epic about World War I. His novel Camille won the CWA International Dagger in 2015. One of the trilogy series, Alex's surname came from a classic French novel, Manon Lescaut. Check out his website

This is the reunion party of "Smart Lounge" on BS Asahi. Only 1 year program, but it was always nice working with them. I started this blog in 2012 when this program" Smart Lounge”on BS Asahi was on the final episode. We wish to come back again in pretty near future with a splendid program!!

Enjoyed watching "World ballet day 2015" In 2014, on the first broadcast of World Ballet Day LIVE, five of the world's leading ballet companies once again streamed 23 hours of live, behind-the-scenes footage on October 1, 2015. The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada, and San Francisco Ballet partnered to provide viewers around the world with an inside look at professional ballet companies in the studio, on tour, and in performance. Especially, I was moved by Bolshoi ballet master-repetiteur, Boris Akimov.

最高のスイーツに出会いました! 殆どホールケーキを独り占めしてしまった枚方市内のドイツ菓子店「ホルガー」のツッカークランツ。ドイツ語で砂糖を意味する「ツッカー」と花輪を表す「クランツ」。バタークリームをたっぷり使ったお砂糖の花輪。こんなにシンプルで美味しいお菓子があったとは! トムセン・陽子さんの結婚披露宴の引き出物で頂いた一品です。
I loved this German sweet "Zucker Kranz" by HOLGER. Zucker means Sugar in German, and Kranz means Wreath. My favorite sweets are most of all using Fresh cream, and this Zucker Kranz is using a lot of butter cream, so rich and tasty. If you have a chance to visit Hirakata-city, check out "Konditorei & Cafe HOLGER".

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